Current working status

It’s been some time since last update. (201910)

My engagement with Ikano Bank, ended ultimo May 2018. I had a good time off, with my family and some tennis during the long hot summer. A small task from Mind4IT regarding Excel optimisation  at Glycom, went very well in August 2018.

Since October 1st 2018, I’ve been assisting Pandora on a new IAM Process and assisting on various AD and Azure issues. I’m still part time engaged at Pandora.

Since start September 2019, I’ve been engaged at Semler in Glostrup, assisting on various Cloud, SQL and Server tasks.

Looking forward to embracing the future assignments to update this working status

Just updating (202012)

I’ve been assisting Express Bank on DBA issues for a couple of months, not much, but good to be able to help out.

My contract with Pandora ended  end of June 2020, but there might be some more in 2021.

In this “slow” times, I’ve plans for adding to my working areas by assisting private households.

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